How to Remove and Reorder LinkedIn Endorsements

I haven’t been a public relations professional for 10 years. So the 73 people on LinkedIn who endorsed me for “Press Releases” and the 17 who endorsed me for “Public Relations” must assume that:

(a) “public relations” and “marketing” mean the same thing

(b) I’m still in PR

(c) they don’t care

I’m voting for “C.” I get regular prompts from LinkedIn:

Does Marilyn know about Public Speaking?

Does Jack know about “Published Author?”

I’m careful to click only the skills I am positive a connection has when endorsing them, but I suspect a lot of people go click-crazy and do blanket endorsements for every skill LinkedIn suggests. As a result, the Skills & Endorsements section of our profiles gets cluttered with outdated skills.

There is a way to fix this! And it takes less than 15 minutes.

Log in to your LinkedIn profile and let’s walk through it together.

How to remove and reorder LinkedIn Endorsements | Blogging Bistro How to remove and reorder LinkedIn Skills and Endorsements | Blogging Bistro

Scroll to the Skills & Endorsements area and click the pencil icon in the upper righthand corner of the module to begin editing.

Opt Out of Endorsements? You Choose.

Your first decision is whether to allow endorsements on your profile. If you want to opt out altogether, click “No.” If you choose “No,” LinkedIn will still show the skills you’ve added to this section, but they won’t show the numbers of people who have endorsed you for each skill.

If you choose “Yes,” you have three additional options (all three boxes are checked by default):

  1. Do you want your connections to receive prompts to endorse you?
  2. Do you want to see suggestions to endorse others?
  3. Do you want to receive an email when someone endorses you?

Skills and Endorsements Settings

Add & Remove

You can add up to 50 areas of expertise. I had about 40 before I pared down my list, and several of them were “kissin’ cousins.” For example, I found “writing, content writing, copywriting, web content, ghostwriting, creative writing, journalism, magazine articles, and feature articles.”

While I regularly do all those types of writing, I specialize in content writing and ghostwriting. Even though I had quite a few endorsements for my writing-related skills, I clicked the little x next to most of them to remove them from my list.

Quick Tip:

If you have second thoughts when deleting skills, click “Cancel” BEFORE saving and start over. Once you click “Save,” it’s a done deal.

After you’ve pared down your list of skills, drag to reorder them. The first 10 skills on your list will display as “Top Skills.” The remaining skills will be grouped below them.

How to list your top 10 skills on LinkedIn | Blogging Bistro

For my top 10 skills, I selected broad categories that I use most often in my current job:

  1. Blogging
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Website Creation
  4. Teaching
  5. Facebook
  6. Content Writing
  7. Brand Development
  8. Publishing
  9. Tutorials (just added that skill; please endorse me for it at
  10. Newsletters

If there’s a skill that’s not on your list, type it into the form field and click “Add.”

Add Skill

If you’ve already saved your skills and then think of some you’d like to add, click “Add Skill,” which is helpfully located at both the top and bottom of the Skills & Endorsements module.

Manage Endorsements

To see who’s endorsing you for certain skills, click the “Manage Endorsements” tab.

Manage Endorsements

Click on the number to the left of each skill, and the name and thumbnail image of each connection who has endorsed you for that skill displays.

Uncheck the box next to a connection’s name to hide their endorsement, or uncheck the “Show/hide all endorsements” box at the top to hide ALL the connections who endorsed you for that skill.

Click “Save” or “Cancel” when you’re finished.

Let’s Connect

That was easy, wasn’t it? Now, let’s connect on LinkedIn!

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How to remove and reorder LinkedIn Endorsements | Blogging Bistro

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  • I needed this information, Laura! My LinkedIn endorsements are not all aligned with what I do and now I can fix that. Thank you for these instructions. Very helpful.

  • You’re welcome! Those endorsements do seem to spin out of control when you’re not looking.