How to Quickly Create a Facebook Cover Photo Collage with PicMonkey

I like to switch out the Facebook cover photo on the brand page of one of our clients to showcase their seasonal product line.

When I need to do an instant presto-chango, I create a collage at PicMonkey.

PicMonkey is a free online photo editor that I use daily to crop, resize and adjust images. You don’t even need to create an account to use it.

To create a Facebook cover photo, here’s what I do:

1.  Go to and select “Create a Collage.”

PicMonkey Create a Collage

2.  From the left hand sidebar, click “Open Photos” and select the photos you might want to use in your collage (you can open multiple images simultaneously from a PC by holding down Control and clicking on various photos).

3.  As you open photos, square thumbnails of each image will display in PicMonkey’s left hand sidebar. I recommend opening more photos than you think you’ll use in your collage.

4.  Click “Layouts” (the second icon from the top in the left sidebar). Look for the tab titled “FB Cover.”

PicMonkey FB Cover Layout

5.  Currently, you can choose from 4 different collage layouts for your Facebook cover image. Select a layout and then click the “Images” tab again (the icon at the top of the sidebar).

6.  Drag and drop each image you opened earlier into the cells on the collage.

Re-arrange Images in your collage

You can move images from cell to cell by dragging and dropping the images.

You can remove cells you don’t want by clicking the X in the upper right hand corner of each cell (the X will become visible when you hover inside the cell). This feature makes it so easy to get the look you want (Warning: moving images and re-sizing cells can become addicting. I speak from personal experience.).

Resize cells

You can also resize cells by hovering between them. When you do that, a double-sided arrow will appear. Click and drag that arrow up, down, left, or right (depending on which layout you chose).

If you decide you don’t like the layout you started with, click back into the “Layouts” area of the sidebar and choose a different one.

Edit images inside cells

After you get your images where you want them on the collage, you can edit each image if you wish. Hover over an image in a cell and click the “Edit” button. You can do basic edits such as changing the image size, exposure, and rotation.

If you upgrade to PicMonkey’s “Royale” membership level, you can do advanced editing and add special effects.


When you’re finished, Click the “Save” button at the top of your screen. Give your cover photo a title (the default title is “PicMonkey Collage” but you can change that to whatever you want) and save (choose from either .jpg or .png) to the appropriate folder on your hard drive or flash drive.

Presto! You have a new Facebook cover photo collage in the correct size (851 pixels wide x 315 px tall) to install on your Facebook profile or brand page.

Give it a shot

Try the collage tool for yourself. If you upload a collage to Facebook, please post the link to your page in the Comments so we can admire your work.

P.S. You can use PicMonkey to create several types of collages. Try ’em all.

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