How to Merge Facebook Pages Plus 5 More Must-Have Facebook Tutorials

Lots going on in the world of Facebook lately. Here are some helpful articles I’ve dug up from around the Web. Click each title to access the full article.

Facebook Timeline may be moving to a one-column format

This is the best news I’ve heard all day! If you’re weary of playing visual ping pong as you attempt to read posts in both the left and righthand columns, you’ll be happy to know Facebook is testing a new, one-column view for posts. I say, “Bring it on!”

How to set up and use Facebook’s Interest Lists

Facebook introduced Interest Lists in March 2012. Interest Lists serve as personal bookmarks through which you can now browse the exact content you wish. Kinda helps weed out all the Facebook clutter, doesn’t it? In this step-by-step tutorial, Mari Smith walks you through everything you need to know about Interest Lists.

New Facebook rollouts for Fan Pages: Show page posts in your News Feed and receive Notifications about page posts

You’re probably aware that Facebook’s ever-changing algorithms are making it more and more difficult for your brand page’s posts to show up in the News Feeds of your likers. Facebook’s workaround is to allow you to “receive notifications from specific pages, friends or public figures you are connected to. This feature will help people keep up with the people and things that they care about most.”

So, how do you use this new feature? Let’s say you just liked the Blogging Bistro Facebook page, from within your personal Timeline profile. Next to the “Like” button on the Blogging Bistro page, you’ll see a “Message” tab. Click the down arrow next to that tab and a menu will pop open. Check the “Show in News Feed” option.

And if you want to receive notifications whenever I post something new, you can also click “Get Notifications.”

How well these two new features will work remains to be seen, as Facebook is rolling it during November 2012. If you’re not seeing this feature yet on your own account, be patient. It will arrive soon.

7 secrets to make your Facebook page pop

I wouldn’t exactly call these “secrets,” but  this post from Shelly Kramer outlines some basics you should be doing, as well as a couple of items you might not have thought of, such as how to reposition photos and how to edit links.

How to merge duplicate Facebook pages

I get asked this question a lot, and thankfully, Jon Loomer has published a helpful tutorial. If you plan to merge two or more Facebook pages (apparently, you can merge up to 6 pages), you have to follow Facebook’s rules:

  1. You have to merge the page with fewer likes into the one with more likes.
  2. The pages you’re merging must represent the same thing
  3. If you’re merging Pages with a location, they must have the same address information
  4. Merging Pages combines all of your Likes and check-ins
  5. All other content from the page(s) with fewer Likes (wall posts, photos, username) will be permanently deleted
  6. Content on the Page with more Likes will remain unchanged, except for the addition of likes and check-ins added from the Page(s) with fewer Likes
  7. The Page(s) with fewer Likes will be removed from Facebook and you will not be able to unmerge it
  8. You must be an admin of all the pages being merged.

Learn more about merging pages at Facebook’s Help Center.

How to use emoticons in News Feed comments 

Do you like emoticons? 🙂 Now you can add smiley faces and frowny faces and winky faces into comments you post to status updates.

Sorry; you can’t use them in your own status updates or with mobile apps. Yet.

For a list of how to make your own emoticons, consult the source of all knowledge, Wikipedia.

Be sure to share your favorite emoticon in the comments, along with a link to your Facebook brand page.

  • Amy Yoffie

    How can I merge Facebook pages with variations of my name were not put up by me?

  • Amy Yoffie

    How can I merge Facebook pages with variations of my name were not put up by me?