How to Link to Your Facebook Business Page From Your Profile (Tutorial)

Sometimes I think Facebook is out to get me. Functions that should be a no-brainer – such a way to link from my Facebook profile to my business or “fan” page – are either non-existent or are difficult to find and implement.

So when I discovered Dan Ronken’s post on about how to link from my Wall to my fan page, I instantly tried it. I experienced a couple of challenges, which Dan graciously walked me through.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial so you can do it yourself – it takes less than 5 minutes (if you do it right!).

1.  Log in to your Facebook account.

2.  Click this link to install the Custom Profile Box application.

Custom Profile Box Dashboard

3.  Insert a link to the logo you use on your Business Page (or another image of your choice that’s already uploaded – more on this in a minute). To grab the link to your logo, open your Facebook Business page (in a new tab or new window). Right click on your logo, and then click “Copy Image Location.”

Copy Image Location2

4.  Go back into the Custom Profile Box and click “Insert/Edit Image.” In the Image Properties popup, paste the URL for the image you just copied. You can customize the height and width of your image now or later (Dan suggests resizing the image to 125 x 150 px so it’ll display correctly. (Hang in there; I’ll explain how you can resize your image once it’s on your Wall).

Image Properties

5.  Click “OK” and your image should display in the Custom Profile Box. You can click once on the image and drag the handles to resize it if you want. You can also add text, hyperlinks, and can change text colors and background colors, just like you’d do in any word processing or blog interface.

6. To make your image link directly to your Facebook page, you need to create a hyperlink. Copy the URL of your Facebook page, then click once on the image of the logo you just added to the Custom Profile Box. Click the Insert/Edit link icon and paste in the URL to your Facebook business page.

7.  When you’re finished tinkering, click “Update Custom Profile Box.”

8.  Here’s where I ran into a glitch. The Custom Profile Box is supposed to appear in your Facebook “Boxes” tab by default, but it wasn’t displaying on mine. To get it to display, you have to turn it on (who woulda thunk it?). Go to the “Applications” button at the bottom lefthand corner of your Facebook profile.

9.  Click “Edit Applications,” find the Custom Profile Box app (it should be right at the top), and click “Edit Settings.”

Edit Applications

10.  You’ll see three tabs labeled “Profile,” “Bookmark,” and “Additional Permissions.” Under the “Profile” tab, you’ll see two settings: “Box” and “Privacy.” Next to “Box,” click “Added.”

Profile - Added

11. Whew! Almost done. Now go back to your Facebook profile and click the “Boxes” tab. Your new Custom Profile Box should display. But who wants to bury important info on your Boxes page? Why not move it to your Wall, where everyone will see it?

12. To move it, click on the blue pencil (“Edit Box”) in the upper right corner of your Custom Profile Box. Select “Move to Wall.”

13. Your Custom Profile box will appear on your Wall, in the lefthand sidebar right below your “Friends.” Is your image displaying correctly? If not, click “Customize.” Click once on your image, grab a handle, and drag to re-size it. Click “Update Custom Profile Box” and zip back to your profile to view the changes. Keep tinkering until you get it exactly the way you want it.

The cool thing about this application is that you can use it to create links to any page, Web site, blog post, etc. I haven’t yet found a way to use the Custom Profile Box more than once on my Facebook profile, but at least I now have a way to direct visitors to my Blogging Bistro business page.

Try it and let me know how it works for you.