Why Won’t Google Index My Website?

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When you own a website, the goal is to get search engines like Google to index your website and all of the blog posts and pages beneath it.

It’s also important that they not only index it, but also start to rank you for targeted keyword phrases that correspond to topics that you cover on your website. If you are having trouble getting Google to index your website, you can follow these four suggestions to work out the problem.

1. Make sure you have a sitemap installed

A sitemap basically tells search engines like Google what pages on your website are there, and how often they should come back to check for updates. Make sure that you have a sitemap installed as all of your blog posts and pages are listed within it. Also make sure that you have specified a correct amount of time for Google’s search engine spiders to continue to check for updates.

2. Create a robots.txt file

Robots.txt files tells search engine spiders whether or not you want your website to be crawled. This file dictates if your website should be available to search against, so it’s important that you have an existing file like this, that specifies that yes, you do want to rank on search engines.

3. Obtain backlinks

If your website is fairly new, it’s highly possible that you haven’t built any backlinks to it yet. Backlinks are a great way to get your site indexed. Basically, by getting a backlink on a high-quality website, your link will get noticed and then the search engine spiders will proceed to it.

Authority websites get crawled regularly by search engine spiders. This means that when you obtain a backlink from one of these websites, they’re going to recognize it. Good places to obtain backlinks when trying to get your site indexed are Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter, or other big brands.

4. Wait

If you have done some of the above steps, it’s important that you wait 2-to-3 weeks before you start to get concerned. Google and other search engines can take a considerable amount of time to index your website.

There a lot of different things that you can do to aid the assistance of Google indexing your website. Backlinks play a huge role, if you can start publishing guest posts and do promotional work for your website, it’s likely to get indexed right away.

Be aware that you don’t want to over backlink for your website during these initial weeks of your launch. Doing so could penalize your website and place you in a temporary sandbox, which would create a difficult time for you to establish search engine rankings.

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