How to Download and Archive Tweets


By Laura Christianson

I have over 6,600 tweets at my Blogging Bistro Twitter account. While Twitter is not the primary social network I use, I do love to share links to stuff I’m learning about social media marketing.

In case I ever want do download my 6,600+ tweets and archive them for posterity, Twitter has a feature that allows you to do just that.

It’s easy. Under “Settings,” scroll down to “Your Twitter Archive” and click “Request your archive.”

Twitter Archive 1

Twitter will email you a link to a ZIP file of your archives when your file is ready to download.

Twitter archive 2

I use a PC and when I saved my .zip file, it created a folder in my “Downloads” area titled “tweets.”

This feature is available in 13 languages and will archive your tweets in the language you specified in the account settings.

Here is a tutorial from HubSpot’s blog shows you how you can use those archived tweets:

How to use the new Twitter archive to analyze your marketing tweets

News Flash

Twitter announced that they have reduced the character limit from 140 to 118 for tweets that include a URL, and 117 for tweets that include an https link.

If you use a scheduling service such as HootSuite and have already scheduled tweets with links, you’ll need to shorten them. (Source: Mashable)

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