How to Dive Deeper into Google Analytics

Google Analytics Gender DemographicsIf you’re new to Google Analytics, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming.

Don’t let this stop you from diving into an incredibly helpful (and free!) tool for uncovering valuable information about who’s visiting your website and what content most interests them.

Today we’re bringing you two tutorials and an infographic to help you get beyond the basics of Google Analytics. You’ll discover:

  • How (And Why) to Customize Your Google Analytics Dashboard
  • 3 Simple Google Analytics Reports to Increase Site Traffic
  • Decoding Google Analytics: A Primer (infographic)


How (And Why) to Customize Your Google Analytics Dashboard

Kristi Hines of KISSmetrics makes a case for “How Google Analytics Dashboards Can Make Your Life Easier.”

Her solution? Choose the right widgets and arrange them on your dashboard in an efficient way. Kristi explains how to customize the widgets on your Google Analytics dashboard as well as how to upload free dashboard configurations that have proven useful for others.


3 Simple Google Analytics Reports to Increase Site Traffic

Ready to dig deeper into Google Analytics? In “How 3 Simple Google Analytics Reports Will Increase Your Search Engine Traffic,” Neil Patel of Quick Sprout leads us in step-by-step tutorials of how to generate three types of SEO reports—queries, landing pages, and geographical summaries—and shows us how to interpret the data in those reports to increase search engine traffic.


Decoding Google Analytics: A Primer (infographic)

If you haven’t started using Google Analytics and everything above sounds like Greek to you, check out this infographic, “Decoding Google Analytics.”

This simple visual guide shows you the types of metrics you can expect to encounter in Google Analytics, like traffic types and goal conversion rates.

Once you see how simple the interface is, you’ll realize that Google Analytics isn’t so tricky after all.

Decoding Google Analytics
by davidfostergraphics.
Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.


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