How to Customize Your Facebook Page’s Web Address

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“How do I customize the web address of my Facebook business (fan) page? When I created my page, it has lots of numbers at the end and follows this format: of numbers.”


A good step in polishing your business’ Facebook page is customizing your URL (web address) so it’s easy for users—and search engines—to find. You’ll notice, for instance, that our Facebook page URL looks like this:

As our reader noticed, the default URL for any newly created Facebook page follows a clunky format that includes an ID number Facebook assigns to each page. Thankfully, customizing your page’s URL is quick and easy.

First, log into your page’s Facebook account. Then go to

Choose your Page from the dropdown menu. It will look like this:

Facebook web address change form

Once you’ve selected your page, type the web address you’d like to use into the form field and click “Check Availability.” If your choice is available, click “Confirm.” If not, try a different web address.

Keep in mind that after you set your Facebook web address, you can only change it once. Choose your address wisely! And try not to make any spelling errors, as one of our clients humorously recounts in this Blogging Bistro post: Misspell Your Facebook Username? You Can Change It. Once.

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