How to Create Pinterest-friendly Images and Clever Pinterest Boards

Pinterest logoWith over 70 million users worldwide, Pinterest is one of the hottest social media sites—and one opportunity you won’t want to miss out on.

Pepper in some marketing for your book, restaurant, or business with a few pins of your own.

Today we’ve rounded up a few blog posts that will show you how to:

  1. Optimize your blog images for Pinterest
  2. Create clever Pinterest boards
  3. Use your Pinterest boards to create marketing materials

It’s time to get busy pinning!


Create Pinterest-friendly Graphics

Head over to Problogger to read The 3 Step Guide to Creating Pinterest-friendly Graphics for Your Blog. Jade Craven explains the three most important things to keep in mind when creating your Pinterest-friendly graphic:

1. Image size (taller images get pinned more),

2. Integration with your blog’s current design (reinforce brand recognition), and

3. Including your blog post title in the graphic (to drive traffic back to your site).


Creative Pinterest Board Ideas

Pinterest is a hub for creativity, and social media marketing blogger Jeff Bullas thinks outside the box in his post 10 Creative Ways to Market on Pinterest. Beyond the standard board with visuals from your blog, Jeff shares ideas for clever Pinterest boards, such as a “Behind the Scenes” board, a staff board, and a Slideshare presentations board.


Use Your Pinterest Boards to Create Marketing Collateral

In case you missed this post from Blogging Bistro’s Erin Kirk earlier this year, learn How to Create Cool Marketing Materials from Your Pinterest Boards with Clipzine. Clipzine is a free online tool you can use to clip the images from your Pinterest board and assemble them into a (maga)zine. This is an easy yet professional looking way to share your vision with clients.


Guide to Using Pinterest for Business (Infographic)

Check out this infographic for tips on using Pinterest in your business, including the best times of day to pin and brands that are using Pinterest well, like Time magazine and Etsy.

Guide to Using Pinterest for Business
Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.


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