How to Create a Hyperlink in a Blog Post

A good blog should be loaded with helpful links to other sites. Why?

  1. Offering useful links positions you as the go-to source for excellent info on your topic. Readers who trust your link will come back for more.
  2. The owners of the sites you link to will often link back to you – or refer their readers to your site – a win-win for everyone.
  3. Search engines index hyperlinks; when you link properly, your blog will move up in the rankings. Read “The Search Engine-Friendly Way to Use Hyperlinks” to learn techniques for proper linking.

Nearly all our clients confide that they are unsure how to create a hyperlink. I figured that if they’re struggling, you might be, too. Here’s a tutorial to help you master the art of creating hyperlinks.

6 easy steps to creating the perfect hyperlink - BloggingBistro.comWhat NOT to do

I see a lot of websites, blogs, and Facebook updates that insert a partial URL (web address), like this:

The problem? The link is not clickable.

Since readers are impatient and they detest copying and pasting links, we need to make it easy for them.

Create a Clickable Hyperlink

Here’s how to create a link similar to the one at the beginning of this post, “The Search Engine-Friendly Way to Use Hyperlinks.”

Step 1: In your WordPress text editor (this method works in Blogspot and Typepad, too), type or copy/paste your anchor text. The anchor text is the word, phrase, or sentence into which you will embed the hyperlink.

My anchor text:

The Search Engine-Friendly Way to Use Hyperlinks

Step 2: Copy the URL (web address) from your browser’s address bar, located at the top of your screen.

Browser Address BarQuick Copying Hint:

Triple-click the mouse anywhere inside the address to highlight the entire URL. Then click Ctrl + C to copy the URL (on a PC).

Step 3. Paste the copied URL (Control + V) into your WordPress text editor (you don’t have to do this step, but if you’re new to hyperlinking and you want to see the URL for which you’re creating a hyperlink, go ahead). The URL should display the http:// at the beginning.

Mine looks like this:

Building a hyperlink step 1Step 4. Highlight the anchor text by clicking and dragging your mouse over it or by triple clicking on the entire line:

Building a hyperlink step 2Step 5. Click the chain link icon in your blog’s toolbar (Insert/edit link)

Building a hyperlink step 3Step 6. Paste the full URL into the URL field.

Building a hyperlink step 4Directly below that, type in a title for your link. This text will display when the user hovers over the hyperlink.

Check the button that says “Open link in a new window/tab.” This makes it easy for the user to view the page you’re linking to without leaving your site.

Click the green “Add Link” button.

Your link will now look like this, with the hyperlink embedded inside the anchor text.

Building a hyperlink step 5When the user clicks the link, the linked page will open in a new window or tab. (If you pasted in the raw URL from Step 3 below your anchor text, delete it now.)

Click this image to download your free checklist that includes EVERYTHING you need to do prior to publishing a blog post! Or simply text PREPUB to 44222!

Click this image to download your free checklist that includes EVERYTHING you need to do prior to publishing a blog post! Or simply text PREPUB to 44222!

What to hyperlink

You can use this technique for linking to all sorts of things:

  • Pages or blog posts on your own site
  • Other people’s websites or specific pages on any public website
  • Social networks
  • Specific updates on social networks
  • Images and graphics

Try it and let me know how it works for you.

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6 easy steps to creating the perfect hyperlink