How Pinterest is Becoming the Go-to Social Tool

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Leaps and Bounds

Facebook and Twitter. These are the mainstays of social networking. They work. They are massively popular and they will continue to do so.

A relative newcomer to the social game is Pinterest. Established in only 2009, it has since become the 3rd most popular social networking tool on the planet. This is quite amazing when you think about it.

Consider the numbers:

  • April 2011 – 484,000 users
  • April 2012 – 20 million users

Regardless of your opinions about Pinterest, it must be doing something right.

A picture tells a thousand words

If you’re unaware of exactly what Pinterest is, then know that it’s a social photo sharing site that utilises pinboards that users create. They attach images, photographs and designs (‘pins’) onto their pages (‘boards’).

The power of Pinterest and one of the reasons it has become so popular is that it’s easy. The internet loves easy. Especially in social media.

Quick and simple are keywords that Pinterest takes to heart. You can instantly pin images from other boards that inspire you (‘repin’, and just as quickly share your images to others as well.

Social Friendly

This level of engagement works very effectively as socially speaking, we react much more to visual stimulus over the written word a majority of the time.

A perfect example of this is how comfortably it sits with mobile technology. With 87% of the world population subscribed to a mobile phone device, it’s amazingly simple to take images and upload them immediately; especially as camera technology is progressing so fast.

Having faith

As interest in Pinterest grows, the social media tools that define how we can optimise our content grows with it. A Los Angeles company has funded a startup project focusing on Pinterest specific analytics.

Although it’s not troubling the giants of social networking right now, Pinterest is hungry and ambitious. It’s only a matter of time and having the right connections.

Amy Boff writes on behalf of Handd, who provide data loss prevention advice.

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