‘Fatally Fun’ Author, Hillari Delgado, Gets a Jump on the Competition With her New Website

Hillari Delgado has a long and fruitful novel-writing career ahead of her. And I’m not saying that because the Blogging Bistro team created her new website.

Hillari – who writes historical romantic suspense “with a side of wry” – is a talented writer, and I believe publishers will soon be fighting over her nine manuscripts.

See for yourself; Hillari is publishing Lavender Close in serial form on her website. You get to read a new chapter weekly on the site, or you can subscribe to receive it via email from any page on her site.

Lavender Close is Book One in The Pilkington Partnership for Peculiar Problems series (who can resist a title like that?).

Hillari’s pitch for Lavender Close reads:

Hauntings, hoodlums and house flips in Regency London! While unmasking a murderous medium, Paris Pilkington runs afoul of a traitorous spy ring. Is the compelling Lord Sandridge the answer to her prayers, or her worst nightmare?

Hillari is deliberate about establishing her author brand long before her first novel will be published. She approaches writing as a business, and as such, has invested a significant chunk of time and money into presenting herself professionally.

We worked with Hillari to:

1. Design her logo and business cards.

2. Create a custom-designed and programmed WordPress website geared towards helping her build her mailing list. The site incorporates her serial novel, a blog, and a “reviews” page.

Hillari had a professional photo shoot, and she sent us several images from that shoot to incorporate on various pages of her site. My favorite is the picture on her Speaking page.

Hillari’s books are (currently) works in progress, and she took great care in designing fun mock book covers and accompanying “back cover copy” for each manuscript.

Hillari has an excellent handle on her brand.

Here’s how she describes her genre and her characters:

Count on me for heroines who are smart and self-assured, a little eccentric, a little outside the usual mold. The hero? He’s been called ‘eccentric’ a time or two himself. And there’s always a sweet, smart and stubborn animal on the scene to nudge Her and Him along (or take them down a peg or two!)

They’ll need to combine their smarts, courage and humor to survive the danger, solve the mystery and defeat their adversary. And do it all while the sparks fly and their attraction grows…despite the deadly secrets each is hiding…

Hillari unveiled her first-ever website at a retreat her literary agency hosted for all their authors. Hillari says:

“My agent was wowed, but best of all, my readers love the site. ‘…so attractive you want to stick around on it’ is just one reader response. Thank you, Laura and the Blogging Bistro team for helping me launch my career from the best possible home base.”

I hope you’ll visit  Hillari’s site at either HillariDelgado.com or FatallyFun.com. Sign up to receive her serial novel while you’re there!