Facebook Page Layout Changes: 7.4 Areas You Need to Update

You should be seeing the new layout on your Facebook (fan) Page by now.

For the first time ever, I like the design; Page navigation is more intuitive for both users and Page admins.

In this tutorial, I’ll overview what has changed and recommend areas to immediately update. My instructions are for the desktop version of Facebook, as it’s much easier to make changes there than it is on a tablet or phone.

7 areas to update on your redesigned Facebook Page | BloggingBistro.comI urge you to watch Mari Smith’s 34-second video, which walks you through five action steps you need to take to make sure the new look accurately reflects your brand or business.

I’m borrowing some of Mari’s tips and expanding on them, because there’s no sense in re-inventing the wheel when Mari already has “invented” a perfectly good wheel.

Facebook Page Layout Changes – 7 Areas You Need to Update | BloggingBistro.comArea #1:
Cover Photo

The profile picture/logo and those irritating tabs no longer hog precious space atop your cover photo.

Since many of us designed our cover graphics look decent among all the clutter that used to be there, you may need to redesign your cover photo.

You’ll find easy-to-use cover photo templates at Canva, PicMonkey, Adobe Spark, Relay, or a number of other popular online photo editing services.

Thankfully, Facebook displays cover graphics the same size as before: 828 x 315 pixels.

Kim Garst recommends creating a cover graphic that’s 828 x 475px. That’s because mobile cover graphics display differently than desktop graphics.

Advanced Trick for a Crisp Cover Graphic

Kim gave me permission to share this advanced trick: Sometimes the resolution isn’t awesome when you upload your graphic. Double or triple those numbers to get a higher resolution. For example, upload a PNG file that’s 1656 x 950px or 2484 x 1425px.

Area #2:
Profile Image

The profile image now claims a position of honor in the top lefthand corner. The size is still 170 × 170px.

Advanced Trick to Get Extra Mileage from Your Cover Graphic and Profile Picture

I uploaded a professional headshot I had taken recently. What most people don’t realize is that you can add a caption that includes CLICKABLE LINKS to both your profile picture and your cover graphic.

This is prime real estate for you to promote your business and link to your website, a landing page, or another pertinent web page.

After you upload your new profile picture and cover graphic, click on each picture to edit it. You’ll see a prompt to “Add a Description.”

I added this blurb as the description for my cover graphic:

http://www.bloggingbistro.com/ Do you want to jump-start your business or personal blog?
…build a captivating brand via a professional website?
…figure out Facebook?

At Blogging Bistro, we work with you as you create and share your story online.

On our blog, you’ll find hundreds of tutorials & tips to transform you into a savvy online marketer.

Latest: Essential Contact Info you MUST Display on Your Website http://bit.ly/29bImU5 (Like it? Share it!)

For my profile picture, I wrote this simple caption (with link):

Laura Christianson, owner of Blogging Bistro: http://bloggingbistro.com/

Area #3:
Call-to-Action Button

The Call-to-Action (CTA) button is now much bigger, much bluer, and much easier to see. It’s located directly below the cover graphic, on the right.

Facebook Page Layout Changes – 7 Areas You Need to Update | BloggingBistro.comIf you haven’t created a CTA, do it right now! You can link to a web page, blog post, video, landing page, email address – whatever you think visitors to your Page might be interested in.

On the Blogging Bistro Page, I’m using the “Learn More” CTA. Visit my Page and click it to see where it takes you.

Options for your CTA button include:

  • Learn More
  • Book Now
  • Call Now
  • Contact Us
  • Send Message
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video
  • Send Email
  • Request Appointment

After you create your CTA, click “Test Button” so you can make sure it’s working correctly.

Advanced Trick for Monitoring CTA Button Insights

I love Mari Smith’s recommendation to monitor clicks on your CTA button, so you can change the CTA or link if it’s not generating many clicks.

To do that, click the “More” tab that displays below the cover graphic and select “View Insights.”

Then click “Actions on Page,” and look for the area titled, “People Who Clicked Action Button.”

Area #4:
Like, Message and Share Buttons

The “Like,”  “Message” and “More” buttons have moved beneath the cover image, positioned to the left.

No updating is required, although I suggest you click the “More” tab and acquaint yourself with the multiple editing options available there.

Advanced Trick for Liking Other Pages as Your Page

Check out our tutorial that explains how to like and comment on other Facebook Pages as your Page.

Area #5:

Tabs have moved to the lefthand sidebar. This is where I had to do the most cleanup on my own Page, as unused apps and tabs that had previously been buried are now front-and-center.

Scroll to the end of your list of tabs and click “Manage Tabs.”

Facebook Page Layout Changes – 7 Areas You Need to Update | BloggingBistro.comYou can drag them to reorder, or click “Add or Remove Tabs” to edit the settings for each app you have installed.

You cannot remove native Facebook apps, such as Photos, Posts, Videos, Events, and Likes, nor can you move Home or About.

Area #6:
Righthand Sidebar Elements

Let’s take a look at the right sidebar, starting at the top and working our way down.


You can index your Page in one of 27 categories, and you can to switch categories whenever you want.

Advanced Trick for Editing a Page Category

Find the “More” tab (located directly below the cover graphic).

Click “Edit Page Info” and then customize the Categories and Sub-Categories.

Facebook Page Layout Changes – 7 Areas You Need to Update | BloggingBistro.com6b.
“Search for Posts on this Page”

This handy feature helps you find a specific post. Type in a keyword phrase and you’ll get a list of Page-specific results. Just like Google, only better!


Click the pencil icon to open the “About” section and fill in any areas you may have neglected.

Note that you cannot move the following sections:

  • Search
  • Info
  • About
  • Page Tips

The other sections can’t be deleted, either, but you can move them around. Click the pencil icon inside any section and then click “Manage Sections” to drag-and-drop.


The top three apps display in their own module, with app images that are 111 x 74px.

These apps display in the same order as they do in the lefthand sidebar tabs (I know; kind of confusing). To reorder the apps, refer to “Area #5: Tabs,” earlier in this tutorial.

No More Ads

When viewing a Page, you won’t see ads on the right anymore. I find this ironic, considering how hard Facebook pushes Page admins to buy ads. Essentially, Facebook is showing almost all ads on mobile (84%), so I guess that’s why they elected not to display ads on Pages.

Area #7:
View as Page Visitor

I view my Page as a visitor all the time, as I’m constantly tweaking elements.

To see what your Page looks like to visitors, find the “More” tab (under the cover photo) and click “View as Page Visitor.”

You’ll see this boxed notice directly above your cover graphic:

Facebook Page Layout Changes – 7 Areas You Need to Update | BloggingBistro.comWhen you’re ready to switch back to Admin mode, click “Switch back to your view” inside that same box.

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7.4 areas to update on your redesigned Facebook Page | BloggingBistro.com