Comprehensive Online Video Marketing Guide [Plus Infographic]

I love handy guides that walk me through how to improve my social media marketing, And video marketing is my weakest area. I hope you’ll find these links as helpful as I did.

Click each headline to access the full article and the infographic.

The comprehensive online video marketing resource guide

This handy guide includes links to practical and useful blog posts, guides, and step-by-step instructions on using video. Thanks to My Web Presenters emailing me the link!

Online video marketing strategy: 7 social psychology tips

Also from My Web Presenters, these tips help you speak to the consumer brain:

  1. Social proof your videos (give them the best possible chance to be seen and shared)
  2. Contrast & comparison (helps your viewers make decisions)
  3. Use scarcity (we want what we can’t get)
  4. People like surprises (such as unexpected freebies)
  5. Ask for small commitments (… which can lead to bigger commitments)
  6. Initiate reciprocal relationships (you scratch my back; I’ll scratch yours)
  7. Give a visual stimulus (we’re 12 times more likely to watch a video than to read text)

How to create custom YouTube thumbnails

I’ve been waiting for this feature! You’ll soon be able to upload an image of your choice to represent your video, instead of the unattractive ones that YouTube randomly selects for you. James Wedmore provides a nice overview of this new feature, which YouTube is rolling out gradually to its users.

Infographic: Social Video Delivers