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The Psychology of Color for Effective Marketing

Psychology of Color 3

-+*By Gary L. Bezella
Guest Columnist

Color changes people. Colors affect our mood, personality, and buying choices. The right color can boost your advertising effectiveness, but the wrong colors can hamper your marketing.

It’s important to understand the psychology of color to ensure heavy traffic from your advertising. But never let the color of your advertising overpower its overall message.

Here are common colors used in marketing and why you should – or shouldn’t – use them.

How to Craft Attention-Catching Emails

email concept

-+*With hundreds of emails vying for your subscriber’s attention every day, it’s more important than ever to optimize your marketing emails.

Don’t get lost in the deluge—check out these posts to learn how to craft emails that capture your readers’ attention and grow your business:

  1. Create an Engaging Subject Line
  2. Understand Email Marketing Best Practices [Infographic]
  3. Employ Practical Tips to Ensure Your Emails Get Opened

Click “Read More” to access the full articles.

How to Embed a Facebook Update on Your Blog


-+*I’m practicing embedding a Facebook update on my blog. It’s super-easy!

You can embed your own public posts from your profile or your fan page. You can also embed other people’s public posts.

Blogging Bistro client, Davis Bunn, has an inspirational contemporary suspense novel releasing September 1, 2013. When you like his Facebook page, you can instantly read Chapters 1-3.

I decided to embed Davis’s image-based post that promotes the free sample chapters.

Why the ‘Spray and Pray’ Marketing Method Doesn’t Work

Writing for the Soul Badge

-+*When authors ask me to help them with their online marketing, they usually open with:

“My agent told me I need a Facebook ‘fan’ page, so I had my son create one for me. But I haven’t posted anything to it. I don’t even know how to use it. Help!”

Most writers struggle to balance the demands of writing and marketing our writing. Unsure about how to woo readers, we use the ‘spray and pray’ marketing method: we create a blog and multiple social media accounts, spray out random updates and pray someone pays attention.

How to Create Cool Marketing Materials from Your Pinterest Boards with Clipzine


-+*Ever wish you had your Pinterest boards handy, when trying to explain your design style to someone?

Now you can. is a new platform for gathering images from your Pinterest boards or around the web, and putting them together on a page. You can then save that page as a pdf or jpeg to use later – perhaps in a real estate brochure, as ad copy for your wedding photography or maybe for a cookbook pitch.

There is also an embed function that allows you to post your creation, called a “zine,” right to your own blog or website.*

This tutorial explains the simple process of creating a zine and provides several creative examples of how to use zines.

A Fantastic Free Resource to Improve Your Blogging and Content Writing

Copyblogger logo

-+*If you love reading top-notch articles to help you become a better blogger and content writer, you’ll want to sign up for a free membership to

I’ve followed copyblogger for years they consistently produce superb materials – articles, ebooks, seminars, webinars – on topics including content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, metrics and analytics, productivity, and SEO.

To sign up, go to Provide your name, email, and a password, which you will use thereafter to log into their system. The basic membership (which gets you tons of goodies) is free.

Target Becomes Friends with Facebook, Offers ‘Social Savings’ Discounts

Mrs Meyer's Clean Day Products

-+*If you use Facebook and shop at Target, take note. You can now get special discounts on products you buy at Target through accessing a special app via your Facebook personal Timeline.

Here’s how it works:

Go to and log in via your Facebook account (you have to give the app permission to access your personal Timeline).

Browse “Hot Deals,” “Top Offers,” or “Collections” (deals organized by topic).

I found discounts from 5%-25% off on everything from graduation cards to Post-It Notes® to Gardenburgers to Coleman Sleeping bags.

YouTube Improvements: Trends Map, Privacy Settings for Video Uploads, and More

YouTube Trends Map 580

-+*Lots of cool improvements going on at YouTube! Here’s a rundown of what you’ll learn about in today’s post.

  1. YouTube’s new interactive Trends Map helps you explore which videos are trending in cities and regions throughout the US.
  2. Video Uploading: YouTube will now email you when a video you’re uploading is finished uploading and processing. You can forward that email to friends or family to share your video link.
  3. Privacy Settings Change: Now, when you upload a video, it will default to “private” – so it’s visible only to you – until you click “Publish.”
  4. Top 10 words tabloids love to use. I’ve included a brainstorming activity for you to try that will help you fine-tune the core message you use on your website, blog, YouTube, and other social channels.

Why Bloggers Should Attend a Writers’ Conference

Grace Fox and Laura Christianson403

-+*Ten years ago, I had a dream to write a book and get it published by a royalty publishing house.

I’d been a freelance writer for magazines since 1993. Before that, I’d taught high school journalism and English for 11 years, and I’d spent a lot of time in the newsroom and production room of a daily newspaper. So I assumed I was well-acquainted with the world of publishing.

I was wrong.

How to Email and Share Large Files for Free


-+*This is a guest post by Kevin Murtha. If you would like to submit a guest article, please check out our guest post guidelines.

Have you ever tried to email a large file and received an error message telling you your file is too large?

Have you performed a Google search, looking for a way to email large files, and gotten routed to an annoying service that asks you to email the file to them – along with a bunch of personal information about both you and the file’s recipient?

There is a better way! The cloud computing service providers that you may already be using offer convenient ways to email large files for free.