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How to Create LinkedIn Showcase Pages in Four Easy Steps

Create Showcase Page

LinkedIn appears to copycatting Facebook’s abysmal management style. As of April 14, 2014, they’re removing the Products & Services tab from Company pages. Instead, they’re encouraging us to create Showcase Pages.

This article explains what’s happening to Products & Services info, and includes a step-by-step tutorial for creating Showcase Pages. We also suggest several practical uses for Showcase Pages.

Facebook 201: Hashtags, Email Lists, and App Boxes

bulle hashtag

You’ve set up a Facebook page for your business complete with an eye-catching cover photo, and now you’re ready to maximize the social media giant for all its worth.

We’ve rounded up two articles and an infographic to help you tackle three tasks:

  1. Collect email addresses from your Facebook fans
  2. Customize your Facebook app boxes for brand unity
  3. Use Facebook hashtags to widen your reach (infographic)

Facebook freshmen, it’s time to graduate! Log into Facebook and let’s get to work.

Blog: The Most Powerful Tool in Your Marketing Toolbox

Think of each blog post as a doorway to your business.

Thinking about blogging this year?

Websites that include a blog integrated into the site (NOT hosted separately on Blogspot or some other blog hosting service) typically have 434% more indexed pages.

Blog posts are doorways to your business. Publish a blog post once a week this year, and give your customers 52 doors to open.

This article and accompanying infographic explains how to use the “doorway” method to help new customers discover you.

Top Stories on Blogging Bistro During 2013

Blogging Bistro Top Stories of 2013 403

We’re so grateful for our dedicated readers, as well as to those of you who drop by once in a while — nearly a half million of you visited during 2013!

While our primary goal is to serve our clients through (1) coaching on brand identity and social media strategy, (2) writing content, and (3) creating custom websites, we love to blog. We look forward to another year of learning with you during 2014.

But first, here’s a look back at our most popular articles from 2013.

The Psychology of Color, Plus a Few Bizarre Color Factoids [Infographic]

Color Wheel


  1. What is the color of intellect, knowledge, and wisdom?
  2. What color are bees unable to see?
  3. What is the “happiest” color in the color spectrum?
  4. What color most attracts mosquitos?

You’ll find the answers to these and other color-related questions in the infographic below. (If you’re too lazy to read the infographic, I’ve provided the answers at the end of the infographic.)

Be sure to check out yesterday’s guest column by Steve Bezella on The Psychology of Color for Marketing.

The Psychology of Color for Effective Marketing

Psychology of Color 3

By Gary L. Bezella
Guest Columnist

Color changes people. Colors affect our mood, personality, and buying choices. The right color can boost your advertising effectiveness, but the wrong colors can hamper your marketing.

It’s important to understand the psychology of color to ensure heavy traffic from your advertising. But never let the color of your advertising overpower its overall message.

Here are common colors used in marketing and why you should – or shouldn’t – use them.

How to Craft Attention-Catching Emails

email concept

With hundreds of emails vying for your subscriber’s attention every day, it’s more important than ever to optimize your marketing emails.

Don’t get lost in the deluge—check out these posts to learn how to craft emails that capture your readers’ attention and grow your business:

  1. Create an Engaging Subject Line
  2. Understand Email Marketing Best Practices [Infographic]
  3. Employ Practical Tips to Ensure Your Emails Get Opened

Click “Read More” to access the full articles.

How to Embed a Facebook Update on Your Blog


I’m practicing embedding a Facebook update on my blog. It’s super-easy!

You can embed your own public posts from your profile or your fan page. You can also embed other people’s public posts.

Blogging Bistro client, Davis Bunn, has an inspirational contemporary suspense novel releasing September 1, 2013. When you like his Facebook page, you can instantly read Chapters 1-3.

I decided to embed Davis’s image-based post that promotes the free sample chapters.

Why the ‘Spray and Pray’ Marketing Method Doesn’t Work

Writing for the Soul Badge

When authors ask me to help them with their online marketing, they usually open with:

“My agent told me I need a Facebook ‘fan’ page, so I had my son create one for me. But I haven’t posted anything to it. I don’t even know how to use it. Help!”

Most writers struggle to balance the demands of writing and marketing our writing. Unsure about how to woo readers, we use the ‘spray and pray’ marketing method: we create a blog and multiple social media accounts, spray out random updates and pray someone pays attention.