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How to Create LinkedIn Showcase Pages in Four Easy Steps

Create Showcase Page

LinkedIn appears to copycatting Facebook’s abysmal management style. As of April 14, 2014, they’re removing the Products & Services tab from Company pages. Instead, they’re encouraging us to create Showcase Pages.

This article explains what’s happening to Products & Services info, and includes a step-by-step tutorial for creating Showcase Pages. We also suggest several practical uses for Showcase Pages.

Top Stories on Blogging Bistro During 2013

Blogging Bistro Top Stories of 2013 403

We’re so grateful for our dedicated readers, as well as to those of you who drop by once in a while — nearly a half million of you visited during 2013!

While our primary goal is to serve our clients through (1) coaching on brand identity and social media strategy, (2) writing content, and (3) creating custom websites, we love to blog. We look forward to another year of learning with you during 2014.

But first, here’s a look back at our most popular articles from 2013.

How to Spice Up Your LinkedIn Profile and Company Page

network image

Liven up your LinkedIn profile and company page so you can stand out on the world’s largest professional social network (259 million users andcounting). Check out these articles and infographic to take your account to the next level:

  • 10 most overused words in LinkedIn profiles
  • 10 simple steps to achieving All-Star status on LinkedIn
  • 5 ways to optimize your LinkedIn company page
  • What to do after you’ve set up your LinkedIn profile (infographic)

LinkedIn News: Redesigned Mobile App, Talent Solutions, Privacy Settings, and a Birthday Party

A Brief History of LinkedIn

Earlier this week, I showed you ten simple steps to achieving All-Star status on LinkedIn. To round out this week’s LinkedIn theme, I’m sharing links to articles from around the web:

  1. A unique “moving infographic” retrospective that overviews LinkedIn’s history
  2. YouTube video about LinkedIn’s redesigned mobile app
  3. LinkedIn’s new Talent Solutions tool
  4. How to lock down your privacy settings on LinkedIn
  5. Infographic: Blueprint for the perfect LinkedIn status update

10 Simple Steps to Achieving All-Star Status on LinkedIn

LinkedIn All-Star Profile 1

By Laura Christianson

LinkedIn celebrated its tenth birthday May 5. With 225 million members worldwide (over 77 million of them, in the US), LinkedIn has carved a niche for itself as the social network for business professionals.

Because it serves as a hub to showcase job experience, skills, and education, LinkedIn focuses more on words and less on images. However, its recent profile redesign organizes those words in tidy modules and offers new options for uploading visual content.

150 Ways to Contact Facebook (plus Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google, YouTube and Instagram)

150 ways to contact Facebook

Anyone who’s attempted to reach Facebook’s Customer Service knows that it’s rather challenging to find and speak with someone at Facebook who can help you solve your problem.

Unless, of course, your problem is ad-related — people who spend money on Facebook do get a response!

Imagine my delight when I found Kristi Hines’s extensive list of ways to contact Facebook. Now, when someone calls me and I can’t solve their problem, I refer them to Kristi’s list. Thank you, Kristi!

Read on for the full list of links.

Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter Get Major Redesigns: What You Need to Know

YouTube's One Channel design

“Goodbye clutter.”

Facebook’s moniker for its redesigned News Feed also applies to Google+, YouTube, and Twitter, all of which have received makeovers. The new designs organize written content into clean, user-friendly modules and play up images and videos.

As you read through each network’s changes, log in to your own account and spruce up your profile. A fresh profile will help you showcase your brand in the most compelling manner.


Images have become Facebook’s hallmark, with 50 percent of the total news feed content consisting of photos and videos. As such, Facebook is displaying photos and videos much larger in the news feed and is letting users overlay text captions atop images.

How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn (and Get Endorsements)

Endorsements one click

LinkedIn has introduced a new feature called Endorsements.

Endorsements is a quick and easy way for you to give your stamp of approval to the skills and expertise of your LinkedIn connections.

A helpful article at Entrepreneur’s Daily Dose blog suggests beginning by endorsing 10-to-20 people in your “professional inner circle.”

In today’s post, you’ll learn:

  • How to customize your skills list
  • How to give — and receive — endorsements

How LinkedIn Can Help You Grow Your Brand (Guest Post)

LinkedIn logo

This is a guest post by Ben Frisby. If you would like to submit a guest article, please check out our guest post guidelines.


Connecting with people on LinkedIn is rather different to connecting to people on other social networking sites. While people will connect with relative strangers on Facebook and Twitter, connections on LinkedIn are supposed to be more meaningful.

Networking on LinkedIn is a good way to find new clients and grow your professional brand.

Expanding Your Network

Making connections on LinkedIn takes more effort than growing your network on a more casual social network. Don’t make the mistake of sending random connection requests to people who work in your niche in the way that you might if you were building up your Twitter or Facebook network.