Borrow Great Facebook Marketing Ideas from Big Brands [Links + Infographic]

It’s Facebook month at Blogging Bistro. Here are links to some helpful articles and an infographic I’ve discovered. Click each headline, below, to read the full article.

10 ways leading brands use Facebook ingeniously for their marketing

I’m not a “leading brand,” and chances are, you aren’t, either. But who says we can’t borrow some of the great stuff leading brands use to build their Facebook following?

Jeff Bullas showcases brands such as McDonald’s, VISA, Walmart, Apple, and Starbucks. See what they’re doing that you can emulate on your own page.


5 ways to increase your Facebook engagement

My simple definition for “engagement” is “talking with your fans.”

Mari Smith calls it “responding to fans” and “building community.” In her article, she explores five factors that contribute to exceptional engagement and measurable results:

  1. Launch creative incentives
  2. Post highly shareable content
  3. Build a tight community
  4. Have a quirky brand
  5. Be a beloved personality


4 Facebook plugins to drive more traffic to your content

Do you know the difference between these?

  1. Recommendations Bar
  2. Recommendations Box
  3. Like Button
  4. Like Box

If not, you’ll want to read Andrea Vahl’s post. She explains what each tool is, why you might want to use it, and how to install it.


The #1 reason people Unlike brands on Facebook [Infographic]


Lab42 Market Research
Courtesy of: Lab42