How to Contribute a Guest Column to Blogging Bistro

Guest Contributor Guidelines |

Would you like to share what you’re learning about blogging, websites, or social media? Submit a guest column to Blogging Bistro.

But before you do, review our Guest Contributor Guidelines, and follow them to the letter!

We created a printable you can use for reference while you’re crafting the guest post that will knock our socks off.

How to Feature a Video on a Facebook Page (Tutorial)

How to feature a video on a Facebook page

This newly updated illustrated tutorial shows you how to showcase a featured video on your Facebook Page.

Plus, you’ll learn how to make your “Videos” section more visible and how to add and edit Playlists.

Free download: “Video Brainstorming Bonanza Workbook” – a 7-page brainstorming workbook to help you generate 20 ideas for videos you can create yourself.