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Manage Multiple Facebook Pages? How to Add Apps Panic-Free

Facebook App permissions message

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Our Blogging Barista dished helpful morsels on adding apps boxes to our Facebook Pages. Have you tried it yet?

I did and my experience ended with a panicked email to Laura. I wanted to add a Mail Chimp contact app to my writing Page apps boxes. Mail Chimp served up their happy monkey and promised to make this addition easy:(See image in blog post)

Sounded simple enough. Until I reached the Facebook permissions.

Facebook App Panic

As the Manager of multiple Pages, I am sensitive to what I add

Facebook Ads: Three Ways to Use Them

A-Z social media tips from - F is for Facebook Ads

When my husband and I first started dating, he says he “knew” I was the one. Three weeks into the relationship, he dragged me into a jewelry store and suggested I pick out a ring.

The only thing that kept me from bolting was knowing I didn’t have a ride home.

Facebook Ads: Why They Make Sense as Part of Your Marketing Campaign

Carrie Schmeck

The premise Marketing your business or product requires a combination of promotion, publicity, consistency and tenacity. Your goal with any marketing is to attract attention you can turn into relationship and, ultimately, profit. Your best marketing efforts will speak directly to your target audience. The problem Marketing takes time. Resources are precious. Traditional avenues of… Read more »