Help. Hope. Humor. How Author, Karen O’Connor, Enhances Her Brand Through Blogging

Recently, I published a reflection titled, “Tempted to throw in the towel on blogging?

When the blogging gets tough, the tough get blogging! | BloggingBistro.comI received several encouraging emails in response to that post. One in particular struck a chord with me, because it was from my dear friend, Karen O’Connor.

Karen and I met at a writers conference circa 2003, when I was pitching my first book project to editors and agents. I arrived at the conference armed with my query letter and proposal. Karen served on the critique team, and she nicely-but-firmly ripped my query letter to shreds.

Laura Christianson and Karen O'ConnorLittle did I know that a few years later, Karen and I would begin rooming together at that same conference and become fast friends. I consider Karen a mentor, as well as a good friend.

A career writer, Karen completely blows away the stereotype that seniors have to retire, or that they are helpless around technology. She’s as savvy an online marketer as many 30-year-olds, and has the energy to go along with it. (Read the info about Karen’s latest book at the end of this post, and you’ll see what I mean.)

Karen agreed to let me reprint her experience with blogging.

Compelled to blog

Karen O'ConnorShe writes:

I agree that I am compelled to blog, whether or not anyone reads my posts. Fortunately, however, I have a very loyal following and I receive many comments each week—certainly enough to help me see that what I write has made an impact on those who read and reply. Also, I learn from my own writing!

Some of the positive effects of blogging that you mentioned are among mine too.

I recently received a speaking engagement from a follower (we met for lunch yesterday to finalize details).

I was invited to a women’s program as the guest of a blogger.

I was a featured guest on a Facebook Live program with my daughter, who owns and directs This appearance brought additional subscribers and book buyers.

I have promoted and sold my books to followers.

I’m not piling up millions of dollars from blogging—but I’m loving my interaction with followers and I’m remaining interested in life and the culture and hopefully, offering my senior audience some help, hope, and humor, which is my goal.

How about you?

What positive effects has blogging had on your life or career?

My Senior Moments Have Gone High-Tech, by Karen O'ConnorAbout Karen

Karen O’Connor is an award-winning author, speaker and writing mentor, who specializes in writing humor for seniors.

Her latest book is, My Senior Moments Have Gone High-Tech. Learn more about Karen by visiting and signing up for her blog.

Note from Laura

I received a copy of Karen’s book from her publisher, Harvest House. After reading it, I passed it along to my dad and his wife, both of whom are exceedingly tech-challenged. They immediately started giggling their way through the stories.

My Senior Moments Have Gone High-Tech is the perfect book for them, as my dad refuses to touch a cell phone, claiming, “I don’t know how to answer that thing.”

(Thankfully, techno-phobia does not seem to be a genetic trait, at least in my family. My brother and I both work in the technology field.)