A Dozen Ways to Effectively Use Photos on Facebook [Links + Infographic]

A great way to increase the reach of your Facebook posts is to use photos. Here are some articles and an infographic I’ve found to be helpful.

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6 creative ways to spice up your Facebook cover photo

I like articles that give me visual ideas, and this post by Anita Ferrer is packed with them. You’ll find samples of cover photos that…

  1. Set a mood
  2. Showcase a campaign
  3. Use high-resolution images
  4. Are creative, yet simple
  5. Feature faces
  6. Use a coordinating cover and profile photo

6 types of pictures brands share on Facebook

Facebook is morphing into a predominately visual medium. I’ve noticed that my Facebook updates that are text-only get far less likes, shares, and comments than ones that include a large photo.

My new goal for Facebook is to upload an image to accompany most of my social media tips of the day.

In this post, Arik Hanson explains how (and why) to do that, and he introduces several more outside-the-box ways to incorporate visuals into your updates.

  1. Capture “on the fly” pictures
  2. Recycle portions of print ads
  3. Celebrate current events and odd dates
  4. Use good, old-fashioned branded photos
  5. Transform quotes into visuals
  6. Make regular posts visual

Infographic: Storytelling Through Images