5 Ways to Make Your Blog Pinterest-Friendly

Pinterest Blogging Bistro403By Courtney Gordner
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Pinterest is the newest way to help businesses maximize the power of the blog. You can connect to Pinterest the same way you do to your other social networks so that people reading your blog post can “pin it” to their Pinterest page.

If your blog isn’t Pinterest-friendly, this can pose some problems.

Read on for five quick tips on making sure your blog is Pinterest-friendly.

1. Make sure people have the ability to Pin your stuff.

If you don’t have a “Pin it” button on your blog images, no one will have the chance to pin your awesome pictures and graphics to their page, as much as they might want to. Razor Social shows you how to do this.

2. Pepper some Vine videos into your blog.

These are short, fun videos shot through the Vine app that are easily “pinned” to people’s pages. They have a higher click rate than text posts or even photos and people love to share them, especially if they are witty or funny.

3. Include a high-quality image in every blog post.

Pinterest is a purely visual platform so if no one is pinning your stuff, it may be because you don’t post images along with your text, or maybe your images aren’t unique or interesting enough. Make sure to post dynamic, original content and people will start to notice and share it!

4. Describe your image with text.

Instead of having a text-heavy post accompanied by an image, have the image be the bulk of the post and use text to caption it. That way, people can easily “pin it” and also copy your accompanying caption with the pin.

Sometimes pictures alone won’t speak for themselves so you want to make sure to sum up what is going on and why you posted it.

Here’s an example of a pinboard that uses good descriptions. They aren’t just promoting “raccoon traps for sale,” but they are explaining what the product is, what it does, how much and other things about it. You can never be too descriptive!

Havahart Pinterest Board

5. Let people follow you on Pinterest.

If you want to build your audience on Pinterest, a good way is to add a button on your blog that lets people follow you. That way, they can pin your post and then also become a part of your audience. This doubles up on your marketing efforts – and it’s still all free.

Pinterest is quickly becoming an important part of social media marketing. The shorter our attention spans are getting, the more we like to soak up content at a glance.

Using images and infographics instead of text will entice more people to look at and share the valuable info you want to put out to the world. Get on the train and make sure you’re not missing out on this valuable chance to promote your business.

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  • Katherine Jones

    Grateful for this timely post. I’ve been wondering how to make my blog more Pinterest-friendly. Now I need wonder no longer! Thank you.

  • Katherine Jones

    Grateful for this timely post. I’ve been wondering how to make my blog more Pinterest-friendly. Now I need wonder no longer! Thank you.