5 Easy Ways to Magically Increase the Clickability of Your Call-to-Action Buttons

I love it when I learn tips that are quick and easy to implement and provide instant, positive results. I discovered today’s tips as I was driving to Costco to order “office lens” spectacles (so I can see my computer screen without squinting). During my drive, I listened to one of my favorite podcasts, Amy Harrison’s “Hit Publish.”

Amy’s podcasts are practical and entertaining; she always works in a couple of humorous sketches to keep listeners alert. In “3 Practical Content Conversion Tactics That Actually Work Today,” Amy reflects on what she learned at the Call To Action Conference she attended.

She shared 5 quick tips for how to improve the conversion rate (clickability) of call-to-action buttons. You’ll typically see these buttons on website forms that invite you to subscribe to an e-newsletter or blog; to learn more about a product or service; to register for an event, or to purchase something.

5 easy ways to increase clickability of call-to-action buttons - BloggingBistro.com1. Don’t Submit.

Avoid using the word “Submit” on your call-to-action buttons. Pretty much any other word in the dictionary converts better than “Submit.” (I have some work to do here on my own site!)

2. Don’t Use “Free.”

Everyone likes to get free stuff, but using the word “Free” in your button doesn’t necessarily increase clicks. Instead of writing:

Get your free ebook


Get your ebook

3. Click Here.

Direct instructions work, so tell people exactly what you want them to do. If you want them to “click here,” tell them, “Click here.”

4. Do It NOW!

Urgency motivates. In a test of buttons that prompt, “Download Now” vs. “Download,” the word “NOW” converted better.

5. Make It Mine.

People love to feel a sense of ownership. Consider these two examples – which one helps you feel a sense of ownership?

Download your ebook now

Give me my ebook now

“My” outperforms “your.”

Good stuff, huh?

Your Assignment (or maybe I should say, “My Assignment”)

Review the call-to-action buttons on your website, landing page(s), or blog. Did you find any buttons you can reword? Fix them. Now.

Listen to Amy’s Podcast

Amy’s podcast is worth a listen; she also explains a technique for flipping headlines and subheads so you can more clearly communicate your message. And she talks about how to convert the Contact form on your website into an Inquiry form, which may result in fewer, but higher-quality leads for your business.

Bonus Video

Visit the Call To Action Conference website. When you provide your name and email, you’ll get instant free access to the speakers’ videos, slide decks, and notes.

Click this image to download your free checklist that includes EVERYTHING you need to do prior to publishing a blog post! Or simply text PREPUB to 44222!

Click this image to download your free checklist that includes EVERYTHING you need to do prior to publishing a blog post! Or simply text PREPUB to 44222!

Oli Gardner’s Presentation

Amy’s podcast is based on Oli Gardner’s presentation. I watched the video; his language is a bit dicey and he rambles throughout his presentation. I recommend starting at 3:40 into the video. His info about call-to-action buttons is about 30 minutes in.