5 Tools Every Business Needs for Social Media Success

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For many businesses, effective social networking is a must-have skill. Tablet PC devices coupled with smartphones and laptops can increase your business’s social media presence and allow you to monitor, update and post from virtually anywhere.

The addition of new tools designed for social media management and tracking can be highly useful for business marketing and product placement, while enabling greater awareness of social media presence.

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Forbes notes that perceptions of social media sites have gone from trendy to essential for business marketing.

1. HootSuite

Employees might have previously found themselves distracted with non-work related networking, but a tool like HootSuite can turn distractions into productive team involvement and coordination across multiple social networks.

2. backtweets

Wondering how often your business is mentioned on Twitter? Backtweets allows users to view history relating to their business’s mentions, simply by typing in the corresponding URL. With backtweets, businesses can gather important statistical data on marketing strategies and gauge if current networking tactics and personnel are creating the desired “buzz.”

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3. Google Analytics

Additionally, with the growing number of businesses devoting substantial financial resources to social media marketing, tools like Google Analytics provide quantifiable social networking data, providing businesses with clearer expectations and results of their social marketing strategies.

Businesses can use Google Analytics to see what social networking platforms funnel users to their site. Strategists can then tailor social marketing campaigns to focus on the platforms that draw in the greatest amount of user traffic.

4. socialmention

Similarly, socialmention provides search and social media habits of users on multiple platforms. It provides filters for inquirers, as the amounts of data can be exhausting, as well as top keywords and high traffic users. Ultimately, it provides social media resource teams with the confidence to relegate increased funds to further analyze user trends.

5. SocMetrics

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Lastly, SocMetrics, a tool used to pinpoint influential people within different social circles, can be an invaluable asset for business social networking. Not only will it help businesses discover who their niche market influencers are, but also interact with them. A social media team coupled with an influential advocate not only has the ability to gain credibility with the influencers’ social ties, but business ties as well.

Tools such as these will continue to cultivate the perceived need for social networking divisions from startup businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Phil CohenPhil Cohen is a graduate from San Diego State University, with a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Public Relations. He is currently working with a computer firm in Houston, Texas. In his free time he enjoys freelance writing about technology products, as well  as scuba diving, white water rafting, and taking road trips.

  • Kevin Murtha

    I new about a few of these but not all of them, thanks for compiling the information

  • Kevin Murtha

    I new about a few of these but not all of them, thanks for compiling the information