5 Reasons Why You Should Be Claiming Google Authorship

By Andrew Dennis
Guest Contributor

If you’re regularly producing content for the web, whether for your own personal blog or through guest posts, you have probably heard of Google authorship. Although many people are aware of Google authorship, there are still many who do not use it.

Here are five reasons why it’s essential to claim Google authorship on the content you produce:

1. Keeping Track of your Content

If you are producing content on the web, you want to keep track of what you’re writing and where. Google authorship will help with this as you can keep a ‘Contributor To’ list. This list will show all the sites that you have content published on so that you can keep track of where you have been published on the web.

2. Improved Aesthetic in SERPs

Another benefit gained from claiming authorship can be seen within the search engine results page (SERP). By claiming authorship on your content, your picture will show up in the SERP next to the link to your content. This aesthetic benefit makes the link to your content more appealing and increases the chances of someone viewing your content.

Here is a visual example of how claiming authorship can make your link stand out:

Google Authorship 1

3. Extra Links to your Content

There is another reward for using Google authorship in regards to the SERP. By implementing authorship you may also receive a sort of “hidden” benefit. This hidden benefit is that if a person clicks on a link to your content and views it for at least a couple minutes, when they return to the SERP there will now be extra links to more of your content below the original link they clicked on. A visual representation of this advantage can be seen in this great article from Biznology.

4. Helps Protect Against Plagiarism

As I mentioned before, authorship places a picture of the author next to the link. Because the content is verified by Google authorship it will be placed higher on the SERP above those attempting to plagiarize.

5. Prepares you for Author Rank

It is widely accepted around the internet that Google will be integrating Google Author Rank into its search algorithm sooner rather than later. Enabling authorship now will provide authors with a head start as it allows Google to connect you to your content. This ensures that Google will give you credit for the content you’re producing now when it determines your author rank once Author Rank is launched.

Claim Google Authorship Now!

Click here for a tutorial about how to claim your content with Google Authorship.


Andrew DennisAndrew Dennis is writer at the link building company Page One Power based in Boise, ID. When he’s not writing about relevancy-first link building and white-hat SEO practices, Andrew enjoys watching an absurd amount of ESPN.