3 Free Tools to Create Animated GIFs

Remember when we shared that Pinterest now supports animated GIFs, the stop-motion like videos that run in loops?

Today we’d like to introduce you to three free tools that allow you to create your own animated GIFs.

Whether you create an animated GIF purely for entertainment’s sake or to teach your readers how to do something, they are a fun way to connect with your audience.

1. Jiffy Chrome Extension for YouTube Videos

 Jiffy, a Chrome extension, is the perfect tool to get your feet wet in creating animated GIFs. First, install “Jiffy: The GIF Creating Plugin” on your Chrome browser.

Next, navigate to the YouTube Video you would like to create a GIF from. Below the video you’ll see this image:

(You may need to refresh your browser if you just installed Jiffy.)

Type in the point during the video where you’d like your GIF to start and end, click “Make GIF,” and wait for your link to appear. Open the link in a new window and voila—you have your animated GIF. You can then embed this link on your blog or website.

Here’s an animated GIF I made using Jiffy that demonstrates a clever way to cut a mango.

Clever Way to Cut a Mango

Jiffy is super easy to use, but it doesn’t offer much control—like the ability to add subtitles—and the quality isn’t optimal. Still, it’s a great first step into the world of GIF creation.

2. Imgflip Animated GIF Generator

 Imgflip allows you to create animated GIFs from either videos or images. You can upload your own images or videos or import videos from sites such as YouTube or Vimeo. Imgflip also offers more customization features than Jiffy, giving you control of the size of the finished GIF, subtitles, and speed. Upload your video and you’ll see a screen like this:

While the basic version of Imgflip offers plenty of customization options, you can upgrade to Imgflip Pro if you find yourself wanting more control. At $9.95/month, the pro version has no ads, removes the Imgflip watermark, and allows you to create longer, higher quality GIFs.

3. Vine: Create GIF-like videos on the Go

Vine screenshot

Vine, the video-sharing mobile app owned by Twitter, is not technically an animated GIF generator, but its 6-second looping video clips feel similar to animated GIFs. Its GIF-like feel and ease of use earn it a spot on this list.

Vine is free and available for iPhones, Androids, and Windows phones, which is great because the vast majority of GIF mobile apps are iPhone only. Vine videos are also very easy to share, with options for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and email or embedding the video on your blog.

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What do you think of these tools? Are you ready to create your own animated GIF?