150 Ways to Contact Facebook (plus Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google, YouTube and Instagram)

150 ways to contact Facebook

By Laura Christianson

Anyone who’s attempted to reach Facebook’s Customer Service knows that it’s rather challenging to find and speak with someone at Facebook who can help you solve your problem.

Unless, of course, your problem is ad-related — people who spend money on Facebook do get a response!

Imagine my delight when I found Kristi Hines’s extensive list of ways to contact Facebook. Now, when someone calls me and I can’t solve their problem, I refer them to Kristi’s list. Thank you, Kristi!

150 ways to contact Facebook Customer Support


You’re going to have to do some wading to find the correct department to contact, but Kristi’s list gives you an excellent place to start.

How to report abusive content on Facebook


For reporting bullying, harassment, fake accounts, and other icky things.

9 ways to contact Twitter Support (while pulling your hair out)

Kristi’s article explains that you have to find the right starting place and answer several questions in order to reveal the correct contact form. Sigh. Please refer to her article for a couple dozen links that’ll help you enter the correct doorway.

Another entry point that may help you find the right form is Twitter’s Help Center: https://support.twitter.com/

How to contact LinkedIn’s Help Center


LinkedIn’s Help Forum is also – er – helpful. Post your dilemma and other LinkedIn users will chime in to offer helpful advice. I’ve used this several times and it does work.

5 ways to contact Pinterest’s Help Center


Pinterest informs users: “The answer to almost every question we receive is in our Instant Answers section.”

If you can’t find the answer to your question there, you can email their Help Center using this form:


Pinterest recommends that you provide as much detail as possible in your email, and include your full Pinterest web address. “A response may take several business days.”

You can also tweet @Pinterest and tag any tweets for help with the #pinteresthelp hashtag.

40 ways to contact Google and YouTube


Google+ has a Help Forum, as well, where you can discuss issues with other users.

Easy ways to contact Instagram’s Help Center. Yippee!

Wow. You can actually e-mail Instagram to get help! http://help.instagram.com/customer/portal/emails/new

One of our readers, Christian Karasiewicz, sent us this helpful link on his blog with additional ways to contact Instagram.

Or you can tweet @InstagramHelp

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