11 Steps to Motivate Yourself to Blog

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After the initial novelty wears off, bloggers find it difficult to motivate themselves to write. What used to be an exciting new venture starts becoming a drone.

Whether you’re a full time blogger or a part time blogger, sticking to your schedule is very important, as this is what will decide the fate of your blog.

1. Remember Why You Became A Blogger

Over time, your motivation levels may have fallen, but when you go back mentally to the time when you started blogging, it helps you put things into perspective.

Did you turn to blogging to regain control of your life, your time and to expand your earning potential?

Make a list of the reasons and pin up the list where you can see it every day.

2. Remember That Your Earnings Depend Only On Your Hard Work

You get an appreciative audience around your blog if your posts are praiseworthy.

You get the right connections if you work on your networking.

You get more readers and exposure if you promote your blog and posts diligently.

Remind yourself of this fact – you don’t put in the hours, there’s no moolah. Sometimes this is all the motivation anyone needs.

3. Find A Way Around Deadlines

Deadlines have a way of bogging the best of us down, draining our creative juices and making robots out of us. One way to get out of this deadline trap is to keep plenty of posts written and put away. Give yourself time to write, but not so much time that you fall into the procrastination trap.

Keep enough posts in reserve to give yourself just enough time to write in a relaxed manner.

4. Fan Your Passion

When you view work as something on which your livelihood depends, you start to loathe it. Slowly your passion runs out, and what was your hobby or favorite pastime turns into a drudge.

To subvert this, fan your passion in other areas of your life. Spend time on interesting things outside of your life, and motivate yourself to enjoy movies, books, watching your kids play and so on. Bring some of that passion into your work and you’ll stop seeing work as a major drudge.

5. Give Yourself Plenty Of Breaks

Bloggers tend to throw themselves so much into their blogs that they treat themselves worse than typical employees are treated.

Give yourself frequent breaks; enjoy your cup of coffee over the morning newspaper. In fact, go ahead and schedule yourself plenty of breaks and celebrate your freedom.

According to psychologists, breaks help us absorb what we’ve learned, remember things better and be more motivated at work.

6. Choose A Topic You’re Passionate About

Do you wake up feeling excited about the things you want to share with your audience? Or do you feel bogged down wondering what you’re going to talk about?

The difference here is how you feel about your niche. Making money is one thing but if you’ve chosen a niche that you are not passionate about, it’s time to change it.

7. Take Walks

A brisk walk in fresh air does great things for one’s motivation and brain and mood stimulation. When you find yourself down in the dumps, get off your chair and head out for a long walk. The dividends will pay out automatically, and what’s more, you just might come up with a new post idea on your walk!

8. Plan Your Day Ahead

Plan your day with several hours devoted to blogging. Make a list of the tasks you expect yourself to complete that day. At the end of the day, place a tick mark against the items you’ve completed. This daily exercise will let you know how well you’re doing and how much better you should do.

9. Obtain Feedback

Ask your readers and your social media followers to give you their honest feedback. Are they happy with your posts, and your blog’s efforts to promote the reader community? You’ll receive some positive, negative and constructive feedback. Try to see yourself through your audience’s eyes.

10. Compare Your Blog With Others

It’s good to get a view of where your blog stands among others in your niche. Compare your blog’s reputation and visibility with other blogs of the same age. How do you compare in terms of comments, Alexa rankings, Facebook likes and so on?

Not well, could be better and should be better? You know what will motivate you now.

11. Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself to find easier and more efficient methods to perform your tasks. Look for tools to streamline your blogging tasks and stay ahead of the curve.

For example, challenge yourself to gain X number of social media followers, or newsletter subscriptions, comments and so on in a month.

What motivates you?

Please share your best blogging motivational tip in the comments.

Stephen Wood is a freelance writer and online marketer.